Humane Education

Education is a crucial component of the Idaho Humane Society’s mission to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals, protect them from neglect and cruelty, and promote humane awareness and compassion. We strive to share the shelter’s mission and programs as well as teach younger generations about humane care for pets and safety around animals.

Read more about our various educational opportunities below. Contact Nicole at if you have further questions.

Talks and Tours

The Idaho Humane Society can provide presentations at the shelter and/or a tour of the facilities to classes, clubs and other interested groups. Presentations can cover a variety of topics, from pet safety to information about shelter programs. If you have a specific topic you’d like to hear about, let us know!

There is no fee for groups to visit the shelter for a tour or presentation, but we do encourage groups to collect items to donate to the shelter on your visit. You can see our shelter wish list here.

Presentations and tours of the facility are typically only available on weekdays, and we ask that you call to schedule at least 2 weeks in advance. Contact or (208) 377-1716.

Classroom Visits and Civic Presentations


The Idaho Humane Society can send speakers to classrooms, civic organizations, clubs and other interested groups. Representatives can discuss IHS programs as well as various animal-related issues, emphasizing responsible care of pets.

Please contact us at least two weeks before you’d like to have your group’s presentation.

To schedule a presentation for kids or teens, please contact (208) 377-1716 or

To schedule a presentation for adults, please contact (208) 475-0855 or

Teaching children to play safely with dogs

Each year, about 5 million people in the U.S., most under the age of 13, are bitten by dogs. Dog bite injuries are a leading cause of emergency admission of children to hospitals. The good news is that most dog bites can be prevented. The B.A.R.K. (Be Aware, Responsible, and Kind) Dog Bite Prevention Program is the only one of its kind proven effective in teaching elementary-school students how to behave safely around dogs. The Idaho Humane Society provides materials and an in-class instructor to grades 2 through 4 throughout Ada County.

To get your classroom involved, please contact Nicole at (208) 377-1776 or

Humane Education series for classrooms

We offer curriculum-based series for classrooms that want to engage students in more meaningful ways. These series are centered around humane themes while supporting the need to meet Idaho State Standards. Each series includes supplies and visits from an IHS staff member.

Animal Awareness: This four-part series is offered for kindergarten/1st grade classes that want extended opportunities to develop compassion, empathy, pet responsibility and dog safety.

Animal Welfare: This series is offered to 6th to 8th grade classes who hope to interact and serve animals in new ways.

For more information or to schedule a series for your classroom, contact Nicole at (208) 377-1776 or

Sponsorship and donation opportunities

All of the Idaho Humane Society’s humane education programs are donor supported. If your company would like to become an official sponsor of one of our programs, or if you would like to donate toward allowing these programs to reach more individuals in our community, contact Kendall Schreiner at (208) 387-2760 or

Summer Camps

We offer Friends for Life camps covering a range of topics throughout the summer for ages 7 to 15. Check back for information about our 2018 offerings!

Spring Break Camps

We offer Friends for Life camps during spring break for ages 7 to 13. Check back for information about our 2018 offerings!

Mini Camps

Mini camps are service-oriented, one-day camps offered to kids between the ages of 7 and 14. Campers spend the day completing hands-on projects and meeting shelter pets! Due to the nature of these camps, camp hours also fulfill the Idaho Humane Society’s community service requirement for students.

Stay tuned for information about fall and winter 2017 mini camps!