Humane Education

Education is a crucial component of the Idaho Humane Society’s mission to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals, protect them from neglect and cruelty, and promote humane awareness and compassion. We strive to share the shelter’s mission and programs as well as teach younger generations about humane care for pets and safety around animals.

Read more about our various educational opportunities below. Contact Kelly Nagl at if you have further questions.

Classroom Visits, Talks and Tours

Tours & Presentations

The Idaho Humane Society welcomes guests to visit our facility and the animals up for adoption. We can also send speakers to classrooms, civic organizations, clubs and other interested groups. Representatives can discuss IHS programs as well as various animal-related issues, emphasizing responsible care of pets.

Tours range from 45-60 min depending on the amount of people and questions asked. We prefer small groups for tours as some of our animals can get stressed in large group settings.  All tours over 10 people will be charged $5/person. If you are a 501c3 group looking to bring a group out for a tour that exceeds 10 people we will be happy to work with you.

Guidelines for all tours:
• We can accommodate tours of up to 20 people per group. Tours must consist of at least 5 participants. This includes adults and children.
• There must be a minimum of 1 adult chaperone per 4 children attending.
• Please feel free to bring cameras and take pictures!
• We offer tours on a first-come, first-served basis, Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm, and Saturdays, 2:30-6pm. Tours must be scheduled in advance with the Humane Educator.
• All participants must submit a signed Waiver/Permission Slip. These forms can be downloaded from the link below and emailed to the Humane Educator. They can also be turned in the day of the scheduled tour.

To schedule a tour please fill out our Tour Request Form. 

Waiver/Permission Slip 

We would love to come out to you or for you to come to us for a presentation.  Please contact us at least three weeks before you’d like to have your group’s presentation.  Please contact (208) 377-1716 or

Humane Education for the Classroom

We offer curriculum-based programs for classrooms in order to engage students in more meaningful ways. These programs are centered on humane themes while supporting the need to meet Idaho State Standards. Each program includes supplies and a visit from an IHS staff member.

Pet Responsibility for Preschools:
   Through story time and a hands on activity this 30 min lesson will teach your preschoolers what pets need.

K-1st Grade
Pet Awareness: This four-part series is offered for kindergarten/1st grade classes that want extended opportunities to develop compassion, empathy, pet responsibility and dog safety.

2nd & 3rd Grade    
Comparing the Cost of Pets: Through an all class board game, students will learn how much financial responsibility there is to own different pets.

4th Grade   NEW FOR 2019!
“No More Bullying” This 5 session course, created by Wayside Waifs, teaches students positive core values to help develop a healthy classroom culture.

5th & 6th Grade   
Junior Vet Techs: Idaho Humane Society is an open admittance shelter and students will get the chance to learn how we take an animal from intake to adoption through hands on learning.

Jr. High and High School
Resume Writing: 
Allow your students to practice their resume writing skills with a trip to the shelter.  Students will get  a template and chance to learn about some of our shelter animals. Then, back in your classroom students can write up a resume for our animals to help them find forever homes.

Genealogy in Dogs:   Ever wonder how a litter of lab puppies are all different colors?  Through the use of Punnet Squares students will answer this question and find out which traits are dominant and recessive in dogs.

All Ages
Safe Play with Dogs
Each year, about 5 million people in the U.S., most under the age of 13, are bitten by dogs. Dog bite injuries are a leading cause of emergency admission of children to hospitals. The good news is that most dog bites can be prevented. The B.A.R.K. (Be Aware, Responsible, and Kind) Dog Bite Prevention Program is the only one of its kind proven effective in teaching elementary-school students how to behave safely around dogs. The Idaho Humane Society provides materials and an in-class instructor to grades for all ages throughout Ada County.

Being Friends with Animals, and People too
Did you know animals can be your friend too?  It is important that people socialize with the pets they have.   In this program we combine humane education and youth development soft skills and values to teach children the importance of being kind to animals and people around them.

To get your classroom involved, please contact Kelly Nagl at (208) 377-1776 or

Sponsorship and donation opportunities

All of the Idaho Humane Society’s humane education programs are donor supported. If your company would like to become an official sponsor of one of our programs, or if you would like to donate toward allowing these programs to reach more individuals in our community, contact Kendall Schreiner at (208) 387-2760 or


Classroom Pets

Rodent Rescuers

Rodent Rescuers is a 4 week foster program that allows elementary classrooms to foster one of our small animals.

Students learn pet responsibility through a weekly journal and observations of their new furry friend.  The program fulfills math and science standards for K-5th grade state curriculum  and  can be expanded with STEM as well. Not only does ‘Rodent Rescuers’ provide kids with a safe, fun opportunity to learn about pet responsibility and real-world animal science, but it also allows for the small animal to experience a new environment and be comfortably socialized.

Interested in having Rodent Rescuers in your classroom?  Fill out our Interest Form for the 2019/20 school year.

Questions?  Please contact our Humane Education Coordinator at 208-377-1716 or




Girl Scouts

The Idaho Humane Society has partnered with Silver Sage Girl Scouts to create an Idaho Humane Society patch. Girls will learn about pet responsibility, animal safety, and complete projects for shelter pets while earning their new patch.

Patches cost $3 per girl and are available for purchase through the shelter.

If you would like to participate in the patch program, please reach out to the Humane Education Coordinator. When you are ready to schedule a tour of your shelter please fill out a Tour Request Form.

***Please note that any non-registered Girl Scouts who attend the tours will have a $5/person fee. This includes parents and siblings.

Interested troop leaders should contact Kelly Nagl at to receive their patchwork packet and get started!


Cub Scouts

The Idaho Humane Society has many ways Cub Scouts can fulfill their requirements for each of their ranks, while giving back to their community.

Tigers can complete Team Tiger 4 or Good Knights 6.  We can also help you fulfill requirement Tiger Theatre 5 by coming and listening to an animal story time with any of our RedRover books.

Wolves can complete Council fire 2 and 5.

Bears can complete the entirety of the Critter Care elective by visiting the shelter.

Weeblos can complete Project Family 6b.


Upon completion of your requirements you can visit the Idaho Humane Society and tour our facility. Please complete a Tour Request Form to schedule your tour.

Questions? Please contact Kelly at