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The Idaho Humane Society offers a range of dog training classes to help bring out the full potential of your canine companion.

These classes utilize positive reinforcement methods and allow you to teach your dog in an enjoyable, rewarding manner. We focus on building a strong foundation of skills that will help you and your dog navigate a variety of environments. We have entry-level class options for puppies, adult dogs with little or no training, and reactive or shy dogs. Advanced level classes are available for continuing education. For those with difficult schedules or who are experiencing behavior problems with their pup, we also offer private lessons catered exactly to you and your dog’s needs. Our goal is to teach you to communicate effectively with your dog and learn the skills to have an enriching and happy life together!

Adult dogs must be current on rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations in order to attend classes or lessons at IHS. Puppies must receive two distemper/parvo vaccinations prior to attending the first class and show continuing vaccination updates as appropriate during the six weeks that classes are held.

All dog training courses take place at our Dorman Campus located at 4775 W Dorman Street, Boise, Idaho 83705.

If you are experiencing behavior problems with your pet and would like to speak with our behavior and training department about resources and solutions, please email [email protected].

Class Options We Offer

puppy Socialization & Training
  • 4 week class: meets for one hour each week at IHS
  • Tuition $120
  • Small classes of 4 or less students
  • Clicker and Marker Training Methods
  • Appropriate for puppies 16 weeks and under at the start date
  • Dogs must be friendly towards other animals on leash
Foundation Skills
  • 6 week class: meets for one hour each week at IHS
  • Tuition $175
  • Small classes of 4 or less students
  • Clicker and Marker Training Methods
  • Appropriate for dogs of all ages
  • Dogs must be friendly towards people and other animals on leash
  • New classes start-up monthly
  • Advanced and specialty classes available for graduates!
Reactive Dog Class
  • 6 week class: meets for one hour each week at IHS
  • Tuition $250
  • Small classes of 4 or less students
  • Clicker and Marker Training Methods
  • Appropriate for dogs that are reactive towards other dogs
  • New classes start-up monthly
  • Requires an interview prior to registration
  • If you feel like your dog may be a good candidate for this class, please send us an email through the link below. 

This class requires approval to attend from our trainers. If you feel like your dog may be a good fit, please click on the button above to send an email to our trainer. 

Personalized training sessions

These sessions are personalized by the trainer for the behavior you are experiencing with your dog. Our trainers are well versed in brushing up on obedience skills to solving different behavior problems like aggression and reactivity.

  • Personalized training lessons for problem-solving and basic training
  • In-home and remote training options available
  • Customized to meet your training goals
  • Clicker and Marker Training methods
  • Appropriate for animals of all ages and backgrounds
  • Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.
Remote TRaining
  • Please email us to inquire about these lessons.
  • Our remote consultations can help you solve a variety of behavior issues, or show you how to teach your dog a few new tricks without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Meet our Idaho Humane Society trainers!

Ashley Devine

Ashley Devine started working with shelter dogs through fostering and volunteering and has been employed with the Idaho Humane Society for four years. She recognized her passion for animals after adopting Layla from the shelter, who greatly benefited from positive reinforcement training and Ashley’s willingness to work through her territorial and fear aggression towards animals and people entering her house. Since then, Ashley has been dedicated to working with shelter animals and pursuing her education in dog training.

Vanessa Grenier

Vanessa has been a certified trainer for over a decade with a passion for high-drive, reactive and working dogs.   She started her training journey with a 4 dog sled team and after one of her dogs became aggressive towards other animals, dove down the training rabbit hole.  With IHS Vanessa has helped train and rehabilitate dogs from hoarding cases, dog fighting rings, and even dogs from Korea.  Vanessa has taught classes at IHS for 11 years now and continues to teach our reactive dog class and advanced skills classes while managing the IHS Behavior Department.

Hillary Hayward

Hillary Hayward is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and AKC CGC evaluator who has been training dogs professionally since 2007. She was the Behavior Dept Manager at Mountain Humane for 10 years before moving to the Treasure Valley. She joined the Behavior team at IHS and is thrilled to be working alongside a team that is fluent in the most progressive training techniques and experienced working with dogs of various behavior needs. Besides teaching classes, her biggest passion is working with ornery dogs (especially Cattle Dogs and Chihuahuas). 

Stefanie Leth

Although Stefanie spent many years working as a fisheries biologist, she always had a strong interest in companion animals – in fact, she originally intended to become a veterinarian. When she started volunteering at IHS in 2008, her passion for working with dogs and cats was reignited, and she got to see the many ways the organization serves the community. 

Stefanie is originally from Santa Rosa, California, and received her bachelor’s in wildlife and fisheries biology from the University of California at Davis in 1998. She moved to Idaho in 1999.

Stefanie has two pets: Radar, an Australian cattle dog mix, and Stella, a gray domestic shorthair. In her spare time, she loves walking with Radar, gardening, photography and spending time with friends and family.

Theresa Vaughan

Teresa started at IHS as a volunteer in the early ’90s, and through the years, handled dogs for Pets on Parade, IDAPI, and See Spot Walk. She was also part of the long-time dog assessment team, working with dogs and writing their bios for the website.

Teresa has helped rehabilitate/socialize dogs from several hoarding cases, including the Oneida fighting dogs and more recently, a large group of Papillons. She is also part of the “dog transfer team”, helping bring dogs to our shelter from other cities and states.

For 8 years, Teresa worked as a coordinator in the IHS Foster Program and recently became a member of the IHS Behavior Department where she specializes in working with shy, under-socialized dogs.