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The Idaho Humane Society relies on our many volunteers to bring our vision to life by sheltering, feeding, providing medical attention to, and finding adoptive homes for abandoned and abused animals in our community. 

Volunteers help educate fellow Idahoans about proper animal care, preventing animal overpopulation, and promoting kindness to animals.


A popular volunteer opportunity is helping to socialize dogs, cats and small animals waiting for adoption as many become stressed at the shelter. Socialization work can include gentle pets, playing with toys, or holding them to build trust and encourage positive human interactions. We have a number of shifts available and once you become a volunteer and complete the needed skills classes, you’re all set to come and get to work!

We also have enrichment opportunities that provide stimuli to animals for optimal psychological and physiological well-being; it’s a great way to work their brains while they are in their kennels.

We also have indoor and outdoor play areas (and an endless amount of toys) where you can take dogs to run, play, and go on walks.


Our recycling team is made up of volunteers who help collect, sort, and transport aluminum cans to earn recycling funds. Each year, this group of volunteers is responsible for raising approximately $12,000 that assists our mission!


We have a very dedicated group of volunteers who work with our clinic staff during spay/neuter clinics. Our volunteers help nearly 9,000 animals receiving spay and neuter surgeries each year.


Since 2008, our Pet Food Pantry has acted as a safety net program providing resources primarily to struggling pet owners, thanks to our steadfast volunteers and staff. This is one of our most popular volunteer programs! The pantry supplies pet food for:

  • Meals on Wheels for Pets (deliveries to homebound seniors).
  • Families and individuals facing economic hardship.
  • Shelter animals living in dedicated Idaho Humane Society foster homes.
  • Other animal welfare groups in need of occasional pet food support.

Volunteers oversee this program by collecting donated food at various business venues, sorting the donated food at our Dorman campus, and organizing it for distribution through our programs. Volunteers may also prepare food for upcoming Meals on Wheels deliveries or deliver the food for recipients, which takes place every other week. We also need assistance with tracking the number of pounds donated in and out of the program, data entry, and much more!


Education is a crucial component of the Idaho Humane Society’s mission to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals, protect them from neglect and cruelty, and promote humane awareness and compassion. We strive to share the shelter’s mission and programs and teach younger generations about compassionate care for pets and safety around animals.

Volunteers with education backgrounds may assist our Humane Education Coordinator with transporting animals in our Rodent Rescuer program to classrooms, provide in-class programming, give tours to classes or groups, or work on service projects with youth who visit our center.


We hold many special events throughout the year to help raise funds to help meet our mission. Volunteers can support these events by assisting with registration/check-in, working booths at local venues and events to help provide information to the general public on what we do, set up and tear down events, handle animals if needed, and so much more!


We have two veterinary clinics at the Idaho Humane Society: our Shelter Medical Center located at our Dorman Campus to help animals before they’re adopted, and our Veterinary Medical Center which serves the public and their animals.

Assistance is needed in our Pack Rooms to help clean and sterilize medical instruments. Volunteers can also train to become Recovery Assistants that help monitor the heart rates of recovering animals post-surgery or post-orthopedic surgeries.

The volunteer positions are typically scheduled in four-hour time slots throughout the week, with volunteers committing to one-time slot per week.

If you have any questions about our volunteer program, please contact us at 208-331-8553 or [email protected].


Volunteers may assist with various office administration work, including filing, data entry, scanning paperwork and more for various departments within the Idaho Humane Society.

Assisting with administration work is a popular option for volunteers that do not want to work hands-on with animals. If you are interested in helping in this area, be sure to let the Volunteer Services Manager know at your New Volunteer Orientation.