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We understand how distressing it is when a pet goes missing. Following the steps below is the most effective way to help locate your animal.

Stray animals are brought to our Dorman Campus located at 4775 W Dorman Street, Boise, Idaho 83705. We are open 8am to 6pm daily, closed major holidays.

Step #1

Please visit our online portal to see if we have your pet! We cannot walk visitors through our kennels at this time. If you have found your pet, please come to the Dorman Campus and follow the directions posted outside.

You can fill out an online lost report here if you don’t see your animal listed in our portal above.

Step #2 

Use other resources to report your pet missing as well

Make sure you report your pet missing at other area shelters:

West Valley Humane Society
Phone: 208-455-5920 or 208-455-5925
Address: 5801 Gray Lane, Caldwell
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Simply Cats
Phone: 208-343-7177
Address: 2833 S. Victory View Way, Boise

MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter (Valley County): 208-634-3647

Mountain Home Animal Shelter: 208-587-2111

City of Star Veterinary Clinic (which takes in strays): 208-286-0440

Conrad Strays (Cat rescue in Middleton): 208-585-9665

Talk to your neighbors and put up flyers in the area the pet was lost. Cats are frequently found within a three- to five-house radius from their home. Dogs are more likely to cover farther distances.

Put ads in the lost/found and pets sections of Craigslist and key an eye on local missing pet groups on Facebook.

Step #3

Continue to check the found animal portal.

The lost/found portal is updated approximately every 30 minutes. Please make sure you are checking it often.

  • Even though your lost report is already on file, it is quite possible for your description of your animal and the shelter’s description to be very different. Many times even pets that were wearing a collar will lose it before arriving at the shelter. And though microchips are the best form of identification, they’re not foolproof.
  • The shelter’s stray holding period for dogs is 5 days. On the sixth day after it arrives, it becomes the property of the Idaho Humane Society. Because of the high volume of cats we receive, there is no holding period for cats. When a cat arrives with identification or a microchip, the shelter holds the cat for 3 days while we attempt to locate an owner.
  • If there is a day when you cannot make it to the shelter to look for your lost pet, you can call the shelter’s front desk at 208-475-0854 to have your lost report reviewed for the previous day’s incoming pets. The front desk can get extremely busy helping other customers, so if you get the answering machine, please leave a message describing your missing animal and your contact information.
  • Note that there are fees associated with claiming your pet from the shelter, set by the jurisdiction in which you live. You can calculate redemption fees here.

Step #4

Make sure your pet’s microchip information is up-to-date and accurate
  • If you’ve moved, changed your phone number or had any additional contact information change since your pet was microchipped, you need to update us! Give us a call at 208-342-3508.
  • If you have original paperwork you received with your microchip, contact the microchip company to update your information with them as well.

Step #5

Let us know when you find your animal
  • Please remember to call the Idaho Humane Society so we can remove your lost report when you’ve found your missing animal. You can also email us: [email protected]

Animal Care and Control is located:

4775 W Dorman Street, Boise, Idaho 83705. We’re open daily between 8am and 6pm, closed major holidays.