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Price List

Please call (208) 342-3599 to schedule an exam.

Appointment required Monday thru Friday.
Please call (208) 342-3599 to schedule an exam.
All Exam fees must be paid for in advance
Veterinarian Examinations

Please call (208) 342-3599 to schedule an exam.

Exam fees must be paid for in advance before the patient will be seen. Independent financing plans are available through ScratchPay in advance. For those that do not qualify, in-house financing may be available. We also accept Care Credit. 

Wellness annual exam: $45 (Income qualification required)

  •   Appointment required Monday thru Friday.
  •   Additional wellness exam: $35 (second animal at same appointment)

Comprehensive pet exam: $58

  •   Appointment required Monday thru Friday.
  •   Saturday, Sunday walk-ins only.
  •   Additional comprehensive exam: $45 (second animal at same appointment)

Urgent care exam: 

  •   Walk-in Monday thru Friday: $65
  •   Walk-in Weekends til 4:00pm: $65

Medical Recheck exam: $40


Your household must income qualify for your pet to receive vaccinations here. Exception applies for animals adopted from our shelter in need of booster vaccinations.


Rabies: $18
DA2PPC: $18
Kennel Cough (Bordetella): $18
Canine Influenza: $30


Rabies: $18
FRCPC: $18
Feline leukemia: $18

Spay & Neuter Surgeries

All spay/neuter surgeries include post-operative pain medication and are only done Monday-Friday by appointment only.

Pre-surgery bloodwork is mandatory for animals 7 years and older and costs $65.

Dog spay surgery (female)

  • Up to 30 pounds: $155
  • 31-75 pounds: $200
  • Over 75 pounds: $240
  • In heat or pregnant, add $65

Dog neuter surgery (male)

  • Up to 30 pounds: $130
  • 31-75 pounds: $155
  • Over 75 pounds: $170
  • Undescended testicle(s) add $55-$65, depending on location

Cat spay or neuter surgery

  • Cat spay (female): $55
  • Cat neuter (male): $40
  • Testicle(s) not dropped/descended, add $30
  • In heat or pregnant, add $40

Rabbit spay or neuter surgery

  • Rabbit spay (female): $90
  • Rabbit neuter (male): $70
  • Male rabbit testicle(s) not dropped/descended, add $35
Surgical Services

The following is a (non-inclusive) list of procedures performed at the Idaho Humane Society Veterinary Medical Center. Important Disclaimers:

Our staffing and schedule vary – some services may not always be available.

Our hospital is dedicated to providing access to veterinary care for thousands of local pet owners who would otherwise be unable to obtain needed procedures s for their pets due to limited finances. Our general practice full-service veterinary hospital offers a range of major surgeries and advanced procedures to meet the needs of owners and pets that cannot afford specialists and referral hospitals. But we absolutely recommend that owners utilize the services of specialists and referral centers if they have the means to do so.

None of the veterinarians at our practice are board-certified in surgery, internal medicine, or dentistry. Rather, our veterinarians are general practitioners. A veterinarian that is board certified in surgery, internal medicine, or dentistry may have specialized training, equipment, or techniques. We routinely offer referrals to specialists, and there are two options in our region: WestVet Emergency Hospital in Garden City and Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Pullman, Washington.


  •   Radiographs and Interpretations
  •   Referrals
  •   Joint Taps / Injections
  •   Bone Biopsy
  •   Implant Removal (pins, wires, sutures, plates, screws)
  •   Splints / Bandages / Casts
  •   Stabilization methods including: Pins, Wires, Conventional and Locking Plates and Screws, External Fixators including Acrylic, Circular and Hybrid Fixators, Clamp Rod Internal Fixators

Pelvis / Hip Surgery

  •   Acetabular Fractures
  •   Femoral Head & Neck Osteotomy (FHO)
  •   Hip Luxations (Closed as well as Open Fixation)
  •   Ilium Fractures
  •   Sacroiliac Luxation

Carpus/ Tarsus / Foot

  •   Arthrodesis (Joint Fusion), carpal/metacarpal/tarsal/metatarsal
  •   Arthrodesis, pancarpal/pantarsal
  •   Carpal/Tarsal Fractures
  •   Metacarpal/Metatarsal Fractures
  •   Phalangeal Fractures
  •   Achilles Repair
  •   Tibiotarsal Luxation
  •   Toe Amputations


  •   Amputation


  •   Femoral Diaphysis Fractures
  •   Femoral Condylar Fractures
  •   Femoral Neck Fractures
  •   Femoral Salter Harris (Articular) Fractures


  •   Extracapsular Suture Technique for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture (Typically < 12 lb. Dogs)
  •   Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture
  •   Collateral Ligament Repair
  •   Patella Luxation Stabilization (Medial/Lateral Patella Luxation)
  •   Stifle Exploratory
  •   Meniscectomy


  •   Tibial Diaphysis Fractures
  •   Tibial Plateau Fractures
  •   Tibial Salter Harris (Articular) Fractures
  •   Tibial Tuberosity Avulsion


  •   Amputation
  •   Infraspinatus Contracture
  •   Scapular Fracture
  •   Shoulder Exploratory
  •   Shoulder Osteochondrosis Desicans (OCD)


  •   Humeral Diaphysis Fractures
  •   Humeral Salter Harris Fractures
  •   Humeral T-Y Condylar Fractures


  •   Elbow Exploratory
  •   Elbow Luxation (Open or Closed Repair)
  •   Ununited Anconeal Process


  •   Corrective Osteotomy
  •   Olecranon Avulsion Fracture
  •   Radius/Ulna Diaphysis Fracture
  •   Radius Salter Harris Fracture
  •   Ulnar Ostectomy/Osteotomy

Soft Tissue

  •   All Tumors (External) Resection
  •   Anal Sacculectomy
  •   Feeding Tube
  •   Hernias (Abdomenal, Diaphragm, Inguinal. Perineal)
  •   Mastectomy
  •   Wound Treatment, Debridement, Bandage Management)
  •   Wound Reconstruction


  •   Abdomenal Exploratory with Biopsies
  •   Adrenalectomy
  •   Colectomy
  •   Cystectomy
  •   Cystotomy
  •   Bladder Stone Removal
  •   Enterotomy
  •   Gallbladder Resection
  •   Gastropexy
  •   Gastrotomy/Gastrectomy
  •   Intestinal Resection
  •   Liver Lobotomy
  •   Nephrectomy
  •   Prostatic Cyst
  •   Rectal Polyps
  •   Splenectomy


  •   Aural Polyp Removal
  •   Ear Canal Exploratory/Resection
  •   Pinna Amputation/Reconstruction
  •   Total Ear Canal Ablation
  •   Ventral Bulla Osteotomy


  •   Caesarian Section
  •   Castration
  •   Cryptorchid Castration
  •   Ovarian Remnant
  •   Ovariohysterectomy
  •   Paraphimosis
  •   Urethrostomy, Perineal (Cat) / Scrotal (Dog)
  •   Vasectomy
  •   Vulvoplasty
  •   Pyometra


  •   Cleft Palate
  •   Facial Fold Resections
  •   Mandibular Fracture
  •   Mandibulectomy / Maxillectomy
  •   Ranula (Marsupialization Sublingual)
  •   Soft Palate Resection
  •   Stenotic Nares


  •   Sialocele/Salivary Gland Resection
  •   Thyroidectomy


  •   Pyothorax
  •   Flail Chest
  •   Pectus Excavatum
  •   Diaphragmatic Hernia


  •   Dental Radiographs
  •   Prophylaxis (Scaling/Polishing)
  •   Extractions



Feline Leukemia / Feline FIV: $38

Heartworm test: $26

Parvovirus test: $52

CBC Profile: Prices will vary


Microchip (no appointment needed): $30


Cat and Dog euthanasia (without owner present): $90*

Cat and Dog euthanasia (owner present): $120*

*euthanasias include communal cremations; the cremains are spread in the mountains near Idaho City. Clients may choose to purchase a private cremation for an additional fee, so they may have the cremains returned.

Read more about how to make the difficult decision of saying goodbye to a beloved pet.

Nail Trim

Cat or dog nail trim, simple: $18

Add $15 if pet needs to be restrained or muzzled.