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Let us help you keep your pet in their loving home.

If you are experiencing behavior problems with your pet and would like to speak with our certified trainer about resources and solutions, please email our behavior and training staff at [email protected]

Initial Behavior Consultation

Our trainer will help you understand your dog’s behavior, and build a plan to help you and your dog work through the issue.

Additional lessons are available after the consultation.

Dog Training

We offer private and group training:

  • Small classes of 4 or less students
  • Clicker and Marker Training Methods
  • Appropriate for dogs of all ages
  • Dogs must be friendly towards people and other animals on leash
IHS Internal evaluations

Process prior to adoption includes:

  • Stray pets are evaluated for behavior and personality if issues are noted.
  • Owner surrendered pets must complete personality profiles which are reviewed by staff. Further evaluations will take place if issues are noted.
  • Pets safe to be adopted out to the community may have restrictions to set them up for success, whether they need a quiet environment, a cat without homes or other dogs, for example.

Internal Behavior Team

Stefanie Leth

Although Stefanie spent many years working as a fisheries biologist, she always had a strong interest in companion animals – in fact, she originally intended to become a veterinarian.

When she started volunteering at IHS in 2008, her passion for working with dogs and cats was reignited, and she got to see the many ways the organization serves the community.

Stefanie is originally from Santa Rosa, California, and received her bachelor’s in wildlife and fisheries biology from the University of California at Davis in 1998. She moved to Idaho in 1999.

Stefanie has two pets: Radar, an Australian cattle dog mix, and Stella, a gray domestic shorthair. In her spare time, she loves walking with Radar, gardening, photography and spending time with friends and family.

Teresa vaughan

Teresa started at IHS as a volunteer in the early ’90s, and through the years, handled dogs for Pets on Parade, IDAPI, and See Spot Walk. She was also part of the long-time dog assessment team, working with dogs and writing their bios for the website.

Teresa has helped rehabilitate/socialize dogs from several hoarding cases, including the Oneida fighting dogs and more recently, a large group of Papillons. She is also part of the “dog transfer team”, helping bring dogs to our shelter from other cities and states.

For 8 years, Teresa worked as a coordinator in the IHS Foster Program and recently became a member of the IHS Behavior Department where she specializes in working with shy, under-socialized dogs.