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Homeschool Thursdays are a terrific way for children to gain experience with animals and get involved in shelter projects. Each session will explore animal care and behavior, IHS goals and mission, humane awareness, compassion, and service. We strive to share the shelter’s purpose and programs as well as teach younger generations about humane care for pets and safety around animals. Some of the activities will include reading to animals, creating our own enrichment toys, making and distributing treats and helping around the shelter.

Register for one day or all semester: $20.00 per session or $65.00 for all four dates! Only registered children may attend.

Homeschool Thursday: Youngers (ages 6-9) 9:30a-11:30a
In this class, we will learn about safety around animals and caring for them responsibly. Children will get hands on experience and learn what it takes to be an attentive and thoughtful pet owner. We will learn all it takes to care for pets with respect, compassion, and warmth.

Homeschool Thursday: Olders (ages 10-13) 12:30p-2:30p
We will dive “behind the scenes” of the shelter and explore ways to help homeless animals. This session emphasizes community service and leadership. We will learn about animal enrichment and students will gain a new understanding of how to improve the lives of the animals they know.

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