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I am volunteering with my child. Does my child need to sign up as a volunteer as well?

Yes. All volunteers need their own volunteer account on our volunteer management platform, GivePulse. Each individual will sign up for shifts and log their hours. For help linking accounts see this article: Parent/Guardian Workflow: Relationships

Can people with disabilities volunteer?

Absolutely! Depending on how your disability impacts you physically and cognitively, we may request that you identify another person to volunteer with you as an assisting volunteer to ensure the safety of you and our furry friends.

Can I volunteer with cats and dogs, or do I have to choose one?

You can volunteer in as many departments as you can reasonably dedicate regular time to. We ask that you dedicate at least 1-2 hours/month per department to keep your skills fresh and stay in the loop about any policy changes.

I have a court date coming up and would like to volunteer prior to the date, can I volunteer with you?

Unfortunately, we do not accept pre-sentencing public service volunteers into our program. We have found that there is extremely poor retention with these volunteers after their sentencing. If you would like to complete court ordered service, you can visit our front desk staff in person at either location to schedule.

Why do we have to sign up for volunteer shifts?

Our main goal is to provide care and enrichment to our shelter animals, and a positive experience for our volunteers. We have found that shifts make it easier for our volunteers to see where the most need is for additional volunteer support, and prevents overcrowding of volunteer areas during busy times.

Why do you ask volunteer to log their hours?

These records are used for everything from tracking the needs in each department to reporting for grants and funding. Tracking volunteer hours is essential to measuring the impact of our volunteer program and the immense value of our volunteers.

Do you have any programs for children under the age of 12?

Absolutely! We have programs for children aged 3-18 through our Humane Education department. Check out the Humane Education page of our website for more information on our current offerings.

I signed up to volunteer a while ago and never heard back, what should I do?

Check your junk mail from that week! Our Volunteer Services Manager follows up via email typically within one business day. If you don’t have a follow up in your junk mail, you can email Laura directly at [email protected]

I used to volunteer for the Idaho Humane Society and would like to return, what are my next steps?

Please reach out directly to the Volunteer Services Manager at [email protected] with your full name. We retain inactive records in our volunteer management system and can reactivate your account. Depending on how long it has been since you last volunteered, you may also need to take volunteer orientation and/or basic skills classes again.

What opportunities are available for groups to volunteer?

We love hosting volunteer groups for group service days! Your group can come to the shelter and work on a project or projects for about 1.5 hours and then get a tour of our beautiful adoption center and learn more about the Idaho Humane Society. Please note: group service days do not involve direct animal handling due to health and safety risks. Email our Volunteer Services Manager at [email protected] for more information!

I’m a CBRS worker and would like to bring a client with me to volunteer, what are my next steps?

You will both need to sign up as volunteers and create an account on our volunteer management platform. Then you will move forward volunteering together.