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Rabbit and Rodent Rescuers

Rabbit and Rodent Rescuers is a 4-week foster program that allows traditional and homeschool classrooms to foster one of our small animals. 

We can provide a journal, animal care guides, and activities to accompany your classroom pet experience.

Not only does Rabbit and Rodent Rescuers provide kids with a safe, fun opportunity to learn about pet responsibility and real-world animal science, but it also allows for the small animal to experience a new environment and be comfortably socialized.

Are you interested in having Rabbit and Rodent Rescuers in your classroom? Please fill out our Interest Form for the school year.

Classrooms Only: Teachers are responsible for the care of the RRR classroom pet, including weekends and holidays. You are welcome to take the pet home or arrange for someone to check on the animal.

Questions? Please contact us 208-377-1716 or [email protected]

Classroom Visits

Humane Education in the Classroom!

We offer curriculum-based programs for classrooms to engage students in more meaningful ways. These programs are centered on humane themes while supporting the need to meet Idaho State Standards. Each program includes supplies and a visit from an IHS staff member.

Please email our Humane Education Coordinator to discuss program options. 

Sponsorship and Donation Opportunities

All of the Idaho Humane Society’s humane education programs are donor-supported. If your company would like to become an official sponsor of one of our programs, or if you would like to donate toward allowing these programs to reach more individuals in our community, contact Development Staff at (208) 387-2760 or [email protected].

To get your classroom involved, please contact our Humane Education Coordinator at (208) 377-1716 or [email protected].