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Holiday seaon toxic plants to keep away from your pets

PointsettiaThis holiday season, you may be decorating your home with some special flowers… but not all seasonal plants are healthy for your pets! Here’s a list of common winter holiday plants that are toxic to pets:

  • Poinsettia
  • Holly
  • Mistletoe
  • Lillies
  • Daffodils
  • Amaryllis
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Fir Trees (and moldy water at the base of live Christmas trees)

If you bring any of these plants into your home, please be careful of where you place them, especially if you have cats that jump onto counters or other high areas. Poinsettias are more toxic to puppies and kittens, your pet would have to do more than nibble on a few leaves to get critically ill. If you believe your pet ate some of these plants are have symptoms, our Veterinary Medical Center accepts walk-in appointments M-F until 5pm, and weekends until 4pm.

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