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Tips to keep your pet safe this winter

Tips for keeping your pet warm

BOISE, Idaho – As temperatures continue to drop and snow begins to fall, it’s important to remember that even our furry friends are affected by harsh weather conditions. That walk around the block, forgetting to take that sweater off your pup and even having festive plants around the house could harm or even kill your pet. The Idaho Humane Society spoke with 6 On Your Side to share these helpful tips.

  1. Wipe your dog’s paws and underbelly after a walk in the snow… With the roads getting icy and slick it is common for the ground to be treated with de-icer. De-icer can and will chemically burn your pet’s paws and underbelly if left in contact with their skin for an extended time. The best way to avoid chemical burns is to wipe your pet’s paws immediately after being outside or bundle them up with protective gear.

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