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Summer Drive to Save Lives

Summer is already one of the most dangerous times of year for cats, dogs and other animals in the Treasure Valley. Now, because our resources have been limited by challenges surrounding COVID-19, local animals need your gifts more than ever.

The higher birth rate during the spring leads to more kittens and puppies brought into the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) in the summer months. This huge increase in the number of animals in our care requires more resources to shelter, feed, and provide necessary veterinary care.

Dogs are particularly vulnerable during the summertime — it’s common for a beloved pet to escape their yard or become lost and in need of a safe place. We can’t let these animals be forgotten this summer! Thanks to your generosity, last summer we received 3,030 lost and surrendered pets including 1,073 dogs, 1,746 cats, and 211 other animals. That’s the good news.

The bad news? It’s extremely likely that even more animals will come through our doors this summer, not only as strays, but also through life-saving transfers. Your support today is critical to help meet the increased demand. As more animals are brought in, the need for donations increases dramatically.

Not only do these cats and dogs require shelter, but they also need medical treatment for illnesses and injuries, foster care and adoption services. Thanks to your support last summer, IHS:

  • Adopted out 658 dogs
  • Adopted out 1,041 cats
  • Spayed or neutered 612 dogs
  • Spayed or neutered 1,358 cats

Especially amid COVID-19 challenges, we expect just as many, if not more, animals will come to us this summer. Your generosity is critical to ensure we can provide loving care until homes can be found for them all. These animals can’t ask for help — so we’re asking for them. Please help save lives during these critical months with your most generous Urgent Summer Fund Drive gift today.

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