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Good Samaritan brings dog into IHS after being hit by car

Idaho Humane Society veterinary care broken leg repairWe understand how scary and stressful it can be when your pet goes missing. Pets are like family and it can feel like the end of the world when you don’t know where they’ve gone. One of the best ways to combat runaway pets is to have them microchipped.

We’re reaching the time of year where we start to see pets that aren’t spayed or neutered become escape artists. Most female dogs that aren’t spayed will go into heat during spring and fall, and this can cause a lot of problems.

It’s not uncommon for an un-fixed Fido to escape the backyard in an attempt to find a mate. This can, unfortunately, result in dogs being stolen, lost, or even hit by cars.

Along with reducing pet-overpopulation, and having long-term health benefits, fixing your pet reduces the chances of an escape like this happening.

Crystal was brought to our shelter this week by a good Samaritan after she escaped from her home and had been struck by a moving vehicle. Her rear leg was shattered by the accident. Surgery was immediately scheduled but we had no knowledge of where Crystal came from. She was not microchipped, which makes it harder for us to locate messing pet owners.

Don’t worry though; this story has a happy ending! As soon as Crystal went missing, her family began looking for her and came to the Idaho Humane Society to file a missing pet report. They were able to identify her right away her and authorized the reparative surgery to her damaged leg.

Crystal is now spayed, microchipped, and recovering nicely from her injuries. She is happily reunited with her family and her leg is healing. We expect her to have a happy, healthy recovery.

Please make sure to take all preventative actions necessary to keep your pet from going missing. And if the unthinkable ever does happen, make sure to act fast! The sooner you come to the Idaho Humane Society to file a missing pet report and scan the kennels for your furry family member, the sooner we can assist you in bringing them back home.

If you have a missing pet, follow this link for more information about how we can help. 
If you are interested in spaying or neutering your pet, click on this link for our veterinary clinic prices. 

xray photo broken leg idaho humane society repair

Crystal’s shattered femur before surgery at the Idaho Humane Society.

Crystal recovering from surgery, waiting for her family to pick her up.


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