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This webpage outlines the steps to take when you’ve lost your pet. These steps apply to dogs, cats, and other small domestic mammals. If you’re missing livestock or a farm animal, please click here.

Step 1: Come to the Idaho Humane Society

Come to the Idaho Humane Society and walk through the stray holding areas. Fill out a lost pet report if your dog/cat is not already at the shelter. You can click here to fill out an online lost report, but it's still important to come to the shelter in person. 

What to expect: At the shelter you’ll need to speak to the next available staff member at the front desk. The Front Desk Staff or an Animal Care Attendant will lead you through the stray cat or dog areas. These areas are off-limits to the general public. If you don’t find your pet in the stray animal areas, you’ll return to the front desk and file a “lost” animal report. Lost reports are done by the Front Desk Staff and put into our computer system.Click here for our location information.

Step 2: Use Other Resources to Report Your Pet Missing As Well!

  • Make sure you report your pet missing at other area shelters!
    • West Valley Humane Society, Caldwell (formerly Canyon County Animal Shelter) (208) 455-5920
    • City of Star (208) 286-0440 (Star Vet Clinic-houses strays)
    • Mountain Home Shelter (208) 587-2111
  • Talk to your neighbors.
  • Put up flyers in the area the pet was lost.
  • Put an ad in the online lost/found section of craigslist at
  • Place a lost pet ad in the Idaho Statesman.

Step 3: Continue to Visit the Shelter

Continue to visit the shelter to walk through the stray holding areas to look for your lost pet as frequently as possible, preferably every day!

  • Even though your lost report is already on file, it is quite possible for your description of your animal and the shelter’s description to be very different. Many times even pets that are wearing a collar when they’re lost will lose the collar before arriving at the shelter. While microchips are the best form of identification, they’re not foolproof. Rarely, some microchips will migrate from their implant area and not be picked up by a scanner at the shelter. Therefore, it’s very important that you physically walk through the shelter to look for your lost pet as frequently as possible. 
  • The shelter’s stray holding period for dogs is 6 days. Because of the high volume of cats we receive, there is no holding period for cats. When a cat arrives with identification or microchip, the shelter holds the cat for 3 days while we attempt to locate an owner.
  • If there is a day when you cannot make it to the shelter to look for your lost pet, you can call the shelter’s front desk to have your lost report reviewed for the previous day’s incoming pets. The front desk can get extremely busy helping other customers. If you get the answering machine, please leave a message describing your missing animal and your contact information. Call (208) 342-3508 ext 0.
  • Note that there are fees associated with claiming your pet from the shelter, set by the city or county in which you live. You can find an overview of redemption fees here

Step 4: Make Sure Your Pet’s Microchip Information is Up-to-Date and Accurate.

  • If you’ve moved, have a new phone number, changed your cell phone number or had any of your contact information change since your pet was microchipped you need to update us!
  • Call the Idaho Humane Society Medical Center at (208) 342-3599 to update your microchip information or add an emergency contact number.
  • If you have original paperwork you received with your microchip, contact the microchip company to update your information with them as well.

Step 5: Remember to Call

Please remember to call the Idaho Humane Society shelter and remove your lost report when you’ve found your missing animal.