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Pup, pup and away

Pilot group to fly Waco shelter dogs to Idaho for adoption

“Shelter staff will drive the dogs early Wednesday to Addison Airport, where the Waco dogs will board a small plane with others from around the state and be transported to an Idaho Humane Society shelter in Boise, Idaho.

Waco animal welfare officials said the dogs will have a better chance of getting adopted at the Idaho shelter, which has only nine dogs available for adoption right now. By contrast, the Waco Animal Shelter has 82 dogs available, plus several in foster care that are available for adoption.

“A lot of shelters up north and a lot of the rescues up North are really low on the number of animals for adoptions,” Humane Society of Central Texas Executive Director Paula Rivadeneira said. “Southern states generally do hook up with Northern states to ship dogs they don’t have up there for a chance to adopt dogs in need of a home.”

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