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One pet store was tied to a dozen parvo-stricken puppies — in less than 3 months

It’s still not clear how many animals purchased at Surf’s Up were diagnosed with parvovirus within the seven- to 14-day incubation period after they left the store. Since reporting on those incidents last year, the Statesman spoke with five more families who experienced cases of parvo in six dogs they purchased from Surf’s Up. Kristine Schellhaas, spokeswoman for the Idaho Humane Society, said the organization diagnosed four cases of parvo in dogs from Surf’s Up, including one of the owners interviewed by the Statesman. In total, that’s 12 cases of parvo associated with Surf’s Up.

“We also received reports from other veterinary clinics in town who each had a handful of puppies (from Surf’s Up) who tested positive for parvo as well,” Schellhaas said.

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