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‘Never a dull moment’: Idaho Humane Society begins moving animals to new Boise location

BOISE, Idaho — After months of anticipation, animals are starting to move into the Idaho Humane Society’s new home, located off Overland Road and South Bird Street in Boise.

The facility is 42,000 square feet, nearly twice the size of the longtime location on Dorman Street.

A few dogs, cats, and rabbits have already moved in, but over the weekend teams will move the rest of the animals by van.

IHS communications manager Kristine Schellhaas says It’s a careful process, but luckily, the move is only about 10 minutes down Interstate 84.

“There is never a dull moment at the Idaho Humane Society,” Schellhaas said. “Were probably going to move over about 30 dogs or so. Cats are a little bit different. Dogs are pretty willing to jump into a kennel, but cats don’t like being loaded into a box.”

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