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Meet Max

For Max, life was a lonely struggle to survive.

Max was discovered wandering the streets, severely neglected, and hungry. His once white coat was soiled with mud and terribly matted. He has open sores on his face and body, which were infected and infested with maggots. Many of his teeth were missing due to untreated dental disease, and most of those that remained were abcessed. After running for days, perhaps weeks, his paws were blistered and torn. Max was in pain, starving, and just trying desperately to survive.

Now, the only thing keeping Max alive was hope.

A Good Samaritan brought Max to the Idaho Humane Society, where our veterinarians bathed him, treated the sores on his skin, bandaged his paws, clipped his matted fur, and removed his abscessed teeth. With just a few weeks of medication, rest, food, love, and many belly rubs… Max started to show off his personality. He went into our foster care program for recovery and to await a family that will love him and provide all the care he deserves and a life filled with plenty of cuddle time, treats, and many toys.

We urgently need your support to ensure we can continue our work on behalf of homeless and helpless animals. Your tax-deductible gift of $15, $25, $50 or more will help provide:

  • Rescue and shelter for injured, abandoned, and neglected cats and dogs.
  • Pet adoptions to loving homes and reunions between lost pets and their families.
  • Urgent veterinary services, spay and neuter surgeries, and much more.

Think of the fear and misery that Max endured, and let your heart be touched by the needs of other precious animals like him in our community. Send your donation today, or put your gift to work faster by giving online at

We are pleased to let you know that Max has found his happily and has been adopted into a loving home.

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