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Make a difference in 2018 — only a few days left!

Chihuahua with tumor getting helped at the Idaho Humane Society

2018 is coming to a close, but we still need your help!

This past year a growing number of pet owners sought our assistance, desperate to keep their pets. The safety nets provided by our Pet Food Pantry and Veterinary Medical Center worked to help these pet owners. Thanks to supporters like you, we collected and distributed thousands of pounds of pet food, and medical care was given to ill and injured animals whose owners could not fully afford treatment.

But there’s still more to be done. We’ve vowed to create a better life for pets, providing shelter, veterinary care, and finding them loving, forever homes – while promoting respect for their place in our lives. We’ve also worked hard to stop pet overpopulation through our low-cost spay and neuter programs, ending the tragedy of pets being euthanized simply because there just aren’t enough homes.

If you make a donation by December 31st, not only will you help save the lives of homeless pets in our community, but you can also use your contribution as a tax deduction for 2018.

Together we’ve saved thousands of lives this year and improved the quality of life for thousands more. Every post read, liked, shared, forwarded and responded to helps… but more animals will need your help in 2019. Our work can only continue with your support. Please make your much-needed gift today!

On behalf of the animals in the Treasure Valley, thank you.

Jeff Rosenthal, DVM
Chief Executive Officer

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