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Loki’s Surgery Photos (Warning: Graphic)

Loki has a new lease on life thanks to life-saving surgery from the Idaho Humane Society. Loki was born with a rare malformation of his urinary tract, which caused urine to build up and damage his right kidney. As a result, the ureter — the tube which normally delivers urine from the kidney to the bladder — became stretched to the width of a soda can when it should be the width of a spaghetti noodle. The pressure caused irreversible damage to his kidney, and he was at risk for life-threatening rupture or infection. Our medical team drained nearly 2 liters of urine from his right kidney during Loki’s surgery to prevent immediate rupture. Afterward, we removed the damaged kidney and ureter to prevent this from happening again. Since Loki’s other kidney is healthy and functioning normally, he can now live a perfectly healthy life with one kidney! Loki is now ready for adoption.


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