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Kuna and IHS work together on feral cats

Kuna and the Idaho Humane Society are teaming up on a new health program for feral cats aimed at controlling Kuna’s stray cat population.

The humane society received frequent calls about stray cats in the city and began discussing the new program with the parks and recreation department, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office and the city clerk.

Cats will be taken in using “humane traps” owned by the humane society, said city Clerk Chris Engels. Humane traps are wire cages which are lined with sheets or newspaper on the bottom and baited with pet treats. A side door of these cages closes when a cat steps into the trap. IHS is in the process of placing 10 traps to start out, but they have another 10 they can use depending on how many cats they take in as the program begins. Traps are being placed in locations that have received the most calls from Kuna residents.

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