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Just a few of the life-saving efforts at IHS

Each day, we meet challenges head-on and this quick tour shows just a few of the life-saving efforts at our Dorman Campus (Please note we are in urgent need of wet dog food donations for Skye: wet PATE-STYLE food: Pedigree, Wellness, Royal Canine or Purina).

 Newborn Puppies
 Parvo Puppies
 Panleuk Kittens
 Animal abuse investigations
 Skye’s special medical care
 Ringworm Ward full of cats and kittens
 11 cats left in parking lot

NEWBORN PUPPIES: A box of 10 puppies were left in our parking lot. They have found foster homes, but they are constantly coming back for supplies or veterinary care. These are just two of those puppies.

PARVO PUPPIES: Seven very sick puppies were found by a Good Samaritan. They tested positive for parvo and we isolated them and began treatment; unfortunately, only two have survived.

PANLEUK KITTENS: Panleuk is the kitten equivalent of Parvo. We have two kittens that have nearly overcome Panleuk and one black kitty that is very weak but still fighting for his life.

ANIMAL ABUSE INVESTIGATIONS: Our Humane Officers and Animal Welfare Services department work around the clock to save lives and investigate cruelty cases for prosecution. We have yet ANOTHER case of animal cruelty this week where a cat has been shot and is being medically treated in our Shelter Medical Center.

SKYE’S SPECIALTY CARE: You may remember Skye from former posts. She has been in and out of West Vet receiving specialized treatment that we are unable to provide in-house. She was scoped two days ago and her structure is looking good for not needing additional surgeries at this time. She has successfully been able to keep food down! Please note we are in urgent need of wet dog food donations for Skye: wet PATE-STYLE food: Pedigree, Wellness, Royal Canine or Purina). Donations can be dropped at 4775 W Dorman Street, Boise, Idaho 83705. We’re open 8am to 6pm daily.

A FULL RINGWORM WARD: Thanks to the opening of our Bird campus, we have opened a ringworm ward to treat cats and kittens infected with this fungal infection. Many cats and kittens across the country are automatically euthanized if infected, but thanks to our staff and foster parents, we are able to save their lives to give them a second chance. The cats housed in our ringworm warm are only a handful of the cats being treated; many more have been sent to foster homes for life-saving care.

11 CATS LEFT IN PARKING LOT: We are full of cats! Since October 1st, we have accepted 662 felines into our shelter on Dorman.

Day by day, our staff faces immense challenges and has to deal with life-and-death situations; all of this takes a toll on our staff and we cannot say thank you enough to those who support our shelter financially, by volunteering, and even speaking kindly. We work tirelessly and fight for animals, and we need your support more than ever.

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