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IHS to act as regional hub in first leg effort to save 800 dogs

The first 70 of 800 puppies and small dogs are making their way from the Texas/Mexico border to various shelters across the country in a coordinated effort to save lives by Thanksgiving. The Idaho Humane Society is proud to assist in this life-saving mission to not only take in 8 animals to adopt out to the Treasure Valley community, but also to assist as a regional hub for several Idaho shelters to include: West Valley Humane Society (Caldwell), McPaws (McCall), and Panhandle Animal Shelter (Ponderey).

These dogs hail from the Palm Valley Animal Center where only one-third of the dogs entering the shelter were saved last year. Thanks to help from our partner Best Friends Animal Society, and other shelters across the country like IHS, their save-rate this year is nearing fifty percent. All of the dogs leaving Texas have been vet-checked and given health certificates.

For more information on the 800 dogs or Best Friends Animal Society, visit or track the journey on Twitter using #800pups or @bestfriends.


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