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Idaho Humane Society participates in Giving Tuesday

The Idaho Humane Society isn’t just here for animals — we’re also here for the people who love them. These vulnerable puppies, while adorable, were an unexpected litter needing round-the-clock bottle feeding. With the sudden passing of a family member, the owner of the puppies became homeless and needed immediate support.

Our foster program took these puppies in and they are now in loving foster homes, being handfed every 2-3 hours. Making the decision to give up a pet is never easy. The Idaho Humane Society stands by to offer assistance every day throughout the year by taking animals in and offering resources like veterinary care and pet food assistance, and so much more.

We are profoundly grateful that homeless pets can count on you this Giving Tuesday. Together, we can make a life-changing difference for pets and the people who love them. Generous friends of the Idaho Humane Society will match your gift up to $5,000. Save twice as many lives by donating today online or through our Facebook Fundraiser.

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