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Idaho Humane Society adoption numbers drop due to COVID-19

The Idaho Humane Society has recently seen an increase in adoptions but overall has seen a drop in adoption numbers due to COVID-19.

“Our adoption numbers have been down, but the only reason we have a spike because we had a bunch of papillons that have been staying with us since December,” said communications director Kristine Schellhaas. “Normally, we transfer dogs from rural Idaho, but due to COVID measures, we have stopped that transfer process.”

For those who want a companion during the crisis but are not sure if they can handle a lifelong commitment, Schellhaas says the foster care program might be a better fit instead of adoption.

“Fostering is a good program when you can take an animal in your home for a short period of time,” Schellhaas said. “We’ve already sent upwards of 150 animals to people’s homes just in the past month.”

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