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How to keep your pets safe during winter

It’s been cold lately and we’d like to offer some friendly reminders to help keep your pets safe!

Outdoor Conditions: We don’t recommend keeping pets outdoors for long periods of time. However, if you’re unable to bring your pet inside during cold weather, make sure you check their water regularly in freezing temps. Ensure their shelter is dry and they have a source of warmth. Dogs and cats are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia.

Warming Layer: If your dog seems affected by the cold weather, purchase a dog sweater for additional comfort. However, if your pet wears it outside, make sure you take it off when you get inside so it can dry. Wet sweaters can make your pet colder.

Paw Check: Snowmelt can burn your animal’s paws. Make sure you wipe down your pet’s feet, legs, and belly as soon as you’re back in the house. Also, check your dog’s paw for signs of cracked pads or bleeding. Their paws are more susceptible to cold weather and snow accumulation on the hair between their paws.

Assess your Pet: Think about how the weather is going to affect your pet. You may need to shorten their walks based on your pet’s tolerance.

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