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Help protect dogs with greater trapping setbacks

Dog Hiking

***Update: We are happy to report that this legislation has passed! We appreciate all of our followers offering support for this change. The new setback is 10 feet from the edge of a trail.***

Imagine walking along the greenbelt or a hiking a popular trail in Idaho with your dog when suddenly a trap ensnares your beloved pet. It’s a nightmare that many pet owners have lived through, and right now, we have an opportunity to weigh in with Fish and Game to change the setbacks for traps and snares.

Did you know that Idaho currently allows a trap or snare to be set as close as 5 feet from the centerline of a hiking trail? We don’t believe that law protects owners and their pets sufficiently when walking with dogs, even on a leash, using 5 feet from the center line of a trail.

Idaho Fish and Game is proposing a rule change to require increased distances from trails as well as a 300′ setback from any designated public campground, trailhead, paved rail, or picnic area. Idaho Humane Society supports this rule change.

If you would like to support this proposal to increase the distance for snares and traps, please visit our Legislative Alert page and use the form to send in your comments directly to Fish and Game. Please make your message personal and consider the following:

  • Introduce yourself and note if you hold a current Idaho hunting or fishing license.
  • Have you ever encountered a trap? Please describe where and when.
  • Please relay that high-use recreational areas should be closed to trapping, including areas with multiple trails and high-density use.


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