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Halo’s Before Photos (Warning Graphic)

For nearly a year, we have been driving to Duck Valley Indian Reservation every two weeks to spay/neuter approximately 40 animals, either personally owned or ones that we rehome at our Adoption Center monthly.

Last week, we set our cat traps and caught this kitten clinging to life after suffering from what appears to be an animal attack. After arriving safely back at our shelter, she underwent life-saving surgery. Unfortunately, she contracted severe pneumonia, which is not uncommon, given the significant obstacles she has faced thus far in life.

We named her Halo, gave her a feeding tube, and crafted an oxygen cage to aid in her recovery by wrapping a kennel with Saran Wrap and inserting an oxygen tube. This creative hack is just one of many ways our shelter is resourceful and adapts to situations to save lives.

We are rooting for sweet Halo and are hopeful for a swift recovery. If you’d like to contribute to her care and recovery, you can do so online.

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Wound upon arrival


Post Surgery

Recovering in the oxygen tank we crafted.

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