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Graphic Video: Marilyn’s Medical Recovery

NOTE: This page shows Marilyn’s GRAPHIC VIDEO. There is a family-friendly version on our social media.

Marilyn had been through a lot before a Good Samarian brought her into our shelter in mid-July. She had broken her fibula some time ago, and her muscle had wasted away, necrotic with maggots. We immediately set in and provided pain medication, antibiotics, and took x-rays to determine the extent of the damage. Unfortunately for Marilyn, her fractured leg was beyond saving, but thankfully, she can live a full life with an amputation.

Marilyn (named so for her distinctive beauty mark, like Marilyn Monroe) received surgery and a spay, and we kept a close eye on her to ensure she recovered well. We recently removed her staples; she is now available on the adoption floor! No doubt, this sweet girl has a lot of love to give and will bring much joy and happiness to her new forever family.

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Learn more about Marilyn or following along with her adoption status:

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