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Giving Tuesday 2021

Thanks to your generosity, on Giving Tuesday and throughout the year, countless animals celebrate new chapters in life thanks to life-saving medical care received at IHS. These animals can’t ask for help — so we’re asking for them. Please help save lives during these critical months and have your donation MATCHED today up to $5,000. That means any gift you give can DOUBLE to help vulnerable pets living in the Treasure Valley and beyond!

Dante had been hit by a car and hadn’t yet celebrated his first birthday. Unfortunately, his owner could not afford care for the substantial injury and he was surrendered to a shelter in Sacramento, California. The shelter too, was facing challenges with a lack of resources, and the only options were euthanasia or transferring Dante to a shelter that could assist. Thankfully, they knew that the Idaho Humane Society would be able to help give Dante a second chance in life.

We transferred Dante into our Shelter Medical Center to receive orthopedic surgery and discovered that his elbow was fractured in several places. He would need to undergo multiple surgeries to correct it. Throughout the months of medical care, no matter how much pain he was in, this sweet boy was loving and affectionate with everyone he met. He braved his way through the pain and physical therapy, and is a new dog!

Donate today and give TWICE the hugs, tail wags, and belly rubs! Thank you community, for your continued support.


Or donate directly to the Idaho Humane Society online by filling out our donation form below. Thank you!

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