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‘Euthanasia isn’t always the only solution’: City of Meridian to update dangerous dog ordinance

The City of Meridian is updating its dangerous dog ordinance.

The new ordinance will update some language used in the current code, and it will also change the way the city handles a dog that is declared dangerous. A dangerous dog is defined as a dog that, without justification, caused serious injury to a person, has previously been deemed at-risk and later bites or attacks, has previously been classified as a dangerous dog, or has been previously found to be at-risk and inflicts injury to another domestic animal, not on the owner’s real property.

When a dog is designated as an at-risk dog, that means it bit or attacked someone without justification but did not cause a serious injury, attacked or killed another domestic animal not on the owner’s property, or was previously found to be an at-risk dog.

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