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City of Boise amends animal code for Good Samaritans rescuing pets

The City of Boise has amended its animal city code to further provide protections for our furry friends.

The changes were adopted on Tuesday night and goes into effect June 1.

The new amended code will provide Good Samaritans “immunity from penalties or damages to motor vehicles or trailers” for the purpose of rescuing a domestic animal as long as the person “has a good-faith and reasonable belief, based upon the known circumstances, that entry into the motor vehicle or trailer is necessary because a domestic animal is in imminent danger of suffering great bodily harm or death.”

The Idaho Humane Society was all for the changes.

“We would like to thank the Boise City Council, especially TJ Thomson for sponsoring these changes, Mayor McLean and her staff for all the time combing through changes, and all the organizations and individuals who supported better protection for animals,” the Idaho Humane Society said. “We thank you!”

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