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Caring for Baine

Just this month, our Humane Officers began working on another cruelty case. A Good Samaritan found Baine wounded, unable to walk, and brought him to All Valley for emergency care. They initially believed that Baine had been hit by a car, but were surprised to find a small bullet wound between his eyes. The bullet entered his skull between his eyes and fragmented, thankfully missing his brain or it would have been a fatal wound.

Humane Officers picked up Baine to begin a cruelty investigation and delivered him to our Shelter Medical Center for continued care. Our veterinary staff was unsure if Baine sustained neurological damage as he was unable to walk the first 48 hours with us, but our spirits were lifted on the third day when he first stood and slowly walked around. Baine still has some swelling in his neck stemming from the bullet fragments lodged there, unfortunately, surgery isn’t an option as this invasive procedure could potentially cause more damage.

Baine remains hospitalized in our care until the swelling on his neck goes down. We are hopeful that we will be able to connect him with a foster family shortly for future recovery and care. It’s thanks to you, our steadfast supporters, we’re able to be the lifeline animals need, and help all animals within our reach. Together, we can keep them all safe, nurtured, and out of harm’s way.

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