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Adoption Packet

Congratulations! Your new pet will offer you a lifetime of love and happiness. 

Dog Adoption information

Important Tips and Reminders:
  • If you have any medical concerns, contact the Idaho Humane Society Veterinary Hospital at (208) 342-3599.
  • If for any reason you feel the need to return the animal, you will receive a refund IN THE FORM OF THE ORIGINAL PAYMENT within 30 days. All animals over 6 months of age need to be taken to the Idaho Humane Society on Dorman St. and you must bring ALL of your paperwork.
  • A taxed returned processing fee of $10 per dog and $5 per cat will be charged at time of return and deducted from the refund.
  • If you must return the animal after the 30 day period, again bring the animal to the Idaho Humane Society just know that you will not receive a refund. After 60 days of ownership a drop off fee may be incurred.
  • For additional pet care and training tips visit “Shelter” tab on our website.

How to help your dog adjust to their new home

Your dog is always learning, so in one sense, you are always training him. Don’t expect to have a performance dog in a few weeks, but decide right away which behaviors are the most important to you.

Perhaps your list includes eliminating outside, responding to his name, walking
well on a leash and not jumping up on visitors. Start right away, but be extra sure that your training methods are fun and rewarding. Focus on a few things that you’d like your dog to master, and work on them using treats, petting (if the dog loves it) and appropriate play.

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Learn about your pet's vaccinations and how to prevent diseases

Although your newly adopted pet has received its initial vaccinations here at the Idaho Humane Society Shelter, it does not mean that the pet is fully vaccinated and/or protected from disease.

As the new pet owner, it is your responsibility to follow through with any and all boosters so that your new pet will be fully protected. If you are unsure as to what vaccines your pet needs or have health-related questions, we have comprised a checklist below to help you understand the necessary care for your new pet.

Vaccination boosters can be done at our veterinary center located at 1300 South Bird Street. No appointment is needed; boosters for post-adopt animals can be done as walk-ins.

If you have adopted a dog under 6 months old, you can receive a FREE Rabies vaccination or Rabies booster at our veterinary center as well.

All other vaccinations and boosters will be charged appropriately.

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Dogs and Children

Dogs and children can have beautiful relationships that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. But, safety should always be paramount during their interactions together.

Children should be taught to be aware of their behavior around dogs, and adults should manage and prevent mishandling of dogs and behavior that can make dogs fearful or defensive

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Local Veterinary Practices List

Your pet will require medical care, both for preventative care and due to illness or injury throughout its lifetime. The Idaho Humane Society urges new pet owners to establish a relationship with a local veterinarian promptly after adopting your pet.

Here is a list of local veterinary hospitals to help you select one that is right for you and your new pet.

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Dog Training Information

At the Idaho Humane Society, we believe that training and learning new skills
should be enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Our training classes are taught using a variety of games and interactive lessons and all kinds of dogs are welcome! Our certified trainers will teach you everything from basic manners to problem-solving techniques in a safe and fun environment.

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cat adoption information

Important Tips and Reminders

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