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77 animals rescued from Kuna home: dogs, snakes, lizards and even a scorpion
Together with the Kuna Police Department, the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) rescued 77 animals on Thursday, September 16th. The owner relinquished the animals but has a known history of housing an excessive number of pets and became overwhelmed with the capacity for care. We believe she temporarily rehomed several cats, dogs, and other exotics earlier in the day, due to a water and sewer leak in her rental. If you are caring for a pet that matches the circumstances of this case, please contact IHS today: (208) 343-3166, or [email protected].
We are thankful for the assistance of the Kuna Police Department and their quick actions taken in this case, which extended into early Friday morning. We are also grateful for local Good Samaritans with expert exotic experience, who assisted on scene, assessing and evaluating the reptiles and spiders.
One of the eight dogs rescued, a Great Dane puppy, was diagnosed with parvo after arriving at our facility. We are currently treating her, and testing and quarantining the other dogs removed from the residence.
Kuna Police Chief Mike Fratusco relayed, “I appreciate the time and effort the Idaho Humane Society put into this case in order to have a safe outcome for all the animals in distress. We appreciate the partnership we have with the officers and will continue to assist them in keeping animals safe from neglect or abuse.”
We believe that many of these animals were acquired through Craigslist or Facebook. We urge caution when rehoming pets online and to please consider asking several questions along with checking identification. The following animals were signed over:
  • 8 dogs
  • 19 Small animals:
    • 2 Hedgehogs
    • 2 Guinea Pigs
    • 1 Hamster
    • 6 Mice (2 dead)
    • 8 Rats
  • 16 snakes:
    • 6 Boa Constrictors (Sand Boa, Amazon Tree Boa, Ground Boa, Solomon Boa, 2 Red Tail Columbian Boa)
    • 4 Pythons: (Jungle Carpet Python, Carpet Python, 2 Ball Python)
    • 4 Corn Snakes
    • 1 Sun Beam Snake
    • 1 Snake
  • 17 lizards:
    • 4 Monitors
    • 4 Geckos
    • 2 Tegu (one B/W and one Red)
    • 2 Skinks (1 Blue Tongue, 1 Pink Tongue)
    • 1 Legless Lizard
    • 1 Bearded Dragon
    • 1 Egg Eater
    • 1 Agama
    • 1 Tortoise
  • 17 Other:
    • 7 Tarantulas (1 dead)
    • 5 Quail
    • 2 Frogs
    • 1 Crab
    • 1 Scorpion
    • 1 Quaker Parrot
All of the exotic animals have been transferred to exotic-specialty animal rescues in Idaho. The Idaho Humane Society plans to adopt out the dogs after they have been quarantined, vaccinated, and provided with needed medical care. If you’d like to help provide medical treatment for these vulnerable dogs, please donate today online or through social media. Thank you!
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