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Yorkies seized from ‘deplorable conditions’ in Elmore County officially forfeited
In June 2021, the Idaho Humane Society assisted the Elmore County Sheriff’s Department with the seizure of 28 dogs kept in deplorable conditions at 13703 W Tilli Road, Oasis, Idaho. The owners of the Yorkshire Terriers, Diane Cobb and her son Randy Anderson, sold the dogs under the name Diane’s Yorkies of Oasis, located outside of Mountain Home.
Most Yorkies were heavily matted and left isolated in filthy pens with stagnant water. Due to the lack of basic husbandry and grooming, shelter staff had to shave the dogs to remove matted fur embedded with feces, and cheatgrass awns.
Due to Elmore County court system delays, the seized Yorkshire Terriers have been housed at the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) for nine months. A forfeiture hearing was held on February 14, 2022, and we received custody of the majority of terriers last week. There are pending court cases for neglect/cruelty charges and the future of the remaining terriers.
This case, in particular, has been quite costly to IHS, accounting for more than $62,000, stemming from nine months of boarding, feeding, and providing emergency medical care. IHS estimates that another $20,000 will be spent on needed medical care, including routine spays/neuters, extensive dental work, mammary mass removals, blood tests for cancer and other diseases, and orthopedic surgeries must be completed prior to adoption.
“This case is especially disturbing because this unsanitary facility has been actively engaged in selling these animals to the public,” said Dr. Jeff Rosenthal, veterinarian and CEO of the Idaho Humane Society. He continued, “We commend the Elmore County Sheriff’s Department and the Elmore County District Attorney’s Office for their handling of the case as well as members of the public that have spoken out about the condition of this property and the animals.”
Those interested in adopting a Yorkie, please note that medical care must take place in advance of adoption. IHS cannot keep lists or notify anyone when the dogs are ready, however, they will be placed on the website once they become available. All adoptions must take place in person at the Bird Street Adoption Center: 1300 S Bird Street, Boise, Idaho 83709.
IHS urges the public to please consider the background of these dogs prior to adoption. They are going to take a lot of work and will need owners willing to commit to long-term training, love and attention, and lifetime grooming. None of the dogs are house-trained. It will likely take a longer than average time, coupled with positive reinforcement and routines, to get them used to living indoors with people and understanding appropriate indoor pet behavior.
These dogs have had limited exposure to everyday life and are not leash trained. As a result, some novel or new things may be scary to them, and they may be fearful of some new situations. However, slow, and gradual exposure to new things and positive socialization opportunities will help them blossom and grow more comfortable over time.
The Idaho Humane Society is a private 501(c)3 organization that relies on donations to provide programs and services that benefit animals in Idaho. Donations can be made to aid in this effort:
The following photos reflect the dog’s living quarters, initial veterinary exams, and subsequent shaving in June 2021.

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