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Tank’s “Before” Photos

Tank is just that, a TANK! This friendly boy came to us in early July as a transfer from Burley. When we first examined him, he had wounds open across his back, we believe from a spider bite. We immediately set into action treating him by providing systemic/oral medications and bandage changes. Each bandage change costs approximately $55 and sedation costs $50; we changed bandages under sedation 11 times. That’s nearly $1200 spent on bandage changing alone to provide medical care. Tank has healed very well and there are now only small, superficial wounds remaining that do not need any medications or bandages to finish healing.

This boy is friendly with everyone and everything he has met while here in the shelter! He is reported to do well with cats and dogs in the home (with a proper introduction) and is housetrained. The skin along Tank’s back may be more sensitive to the sun and/or more fragile to abrasions, so we recommend having Tank wear a sweater or vest, or bathing him until his wounds heal completely.


WARNING: Graphic “Before” Photos Below.


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