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Some students are finding comfort by adopting pets during isolation

Since the pandemic began, stress for everyone — including students — has been at an all-time high and students have been finding ways to cope with that stress.

One way students at Boise State have been coping with the stress of the pandemic, school and work is by adopting a pet.

Taylor Haken, a senior health sciences major, had a different experience finding a pet because she opted for adoption. She adopted a domestic shorthair cat named Tottsie from the Idaho Humane Society in Boise.

“I had been thinking about adopting a cat for a while,” Haken said. “I needed some type of change and something happy. I found comfort in adopting a pet.”

Through the Idaho Humane Society, Haken made an appointment to visit Tottsie. Once she saw Tottsie, she adopted her immediately.

Tottsie is not Haken’s first pet, so she knew about what to expect when bringing a new animal into her home.

“It’s been nice having an animal around,” Haken said. “It’s brought in a positive light during the pandemic.”

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