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Idaho Humane Society Dog Training Program

Family Pet Manners

Our dog training classes focuses on giving you the basics to train your dog. We use positive reinforcement training methods and teach you how to train your dog in an enjoyable and rewarding manner.You’ll work on a variety of good pet dog manners: sit, down, stay, recalls, loose-leash walking, waiting at the door, leave-it, etc., and some fun tricks too! We also discuss other dog behavior challenges according to class needs and interests. Utilizing reward based training techniques your dog will learn in a fun and positive way. Class size is kept small to keep the atmosphere fun, encouraging and progressive.  

Program Goals

Socialize your dog through positive interactions and games. Learn basic ways to communicate effectively with your dog. Help your dog become a “thinking” dog. Have fun building a long lasting relationship with your dog  

Orientation Sessions

Monthly informational sessions are available for you to attend and learn more about the program, what to expect and prepare for your training classes. Schedule yourself to attend one of the free Orientation sessions prior to enrolling into the training classes. Send an email to for more information and to get scheduled for an Orientation session. Orientation sessions are for humans only, no dogs allowed!

Class Information

  • Classes meet once a week for one hour. Classes are held Mon-Wed at 6:30pm in the IHS Education Room at 4775 Dorman St. in Boise.
  • Small class size provides the most individual coaching possible in a group setting.
  • Payment reserves your place in class. Fees are not refundable but may be transferred with Trainer's approval.
  • Family members welcome! Kids over 12 may train. Multiple children must have a supervising adult, in addition to the handler.
  • Health requirements: Adult dogs must have current rabies, distemper/parvo vaccinations. Puppies must have received two distemper/parvo vaccines prior to first class and show continuing vaccinations updates as appropriate during the class length.
  • Classes are not appropriate for dogs with Dog/Dog or Dog/People Reactivity/Aggression issues. If you have any concerns about your dog’s behavior with new dogs or people, please contact us at before registering for class.  

Schedule & Cost:

  • Six weekly one-hour classes, to be taken in succession. Choose a weekday evening, Monday through Wednesday.
  • If you need to miss a class, make-ups can usually be arranged, but are not guaranteed.
  • Tuition is $110.00

How to Get Registered

                     Dog Training
                     Idaho Humane Society
                     4775 Dorman St
                     Boise, ID 83705


I believe training should be enjoyable for you and your dog. If your dog has fun learning and gets rewarded for it, they’ll want to do it over and over again. Positive reinforcement training enriches the relationship between us and our dogs and builds a solid bond of trust. A dog will choose to be a willing member of the training process when the teaching is done without force.Training with positive interactions builds the foundation for a wonderful, lasting relationship with your dog.