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Kitten Season is here… here’s how to help!

Kitten season is here and over 1,500 tiny kittens are expected to arrive at the Idaho Humane Society this year. They arrive hungry, sick, dehydrated, injured, stressed, often suffering from fleas, parasites, and infections. Many are just a few days old and have lost their mother.

While we’ve trained many new volunteer kitten rescuers who will help us foster these animals, we are still in need of help. We don’t want to turn away kittens from the chance at being saved and we can’t do this alone. Will you donate your time or resources to help save the lives of the most vulnerable animals at the Idaho Humane Society?

Please sign up today to learn more about becoming a foster parent (we need dog foster parents too!) or support our shelter by purchasing much-needed kitten supplies today.

Together, we will make a meaningful, lasting difference for vulnerable animals in our community. Thank you!

With warm regards,

Jeff Rosenthal, DVM

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