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Ducks ADOPTED: Domesticated Boise ducks looking for new farm


Would you be interested in some domesticated ducks? The Idaho Humane Society says you can grab them for $10 each at the Dorman location in Boise (4775 W Dorman St). Here is some information from the previous owner: “They’re all friendly, all lay eggs, and they all LOVE frozen peas and corn (thawed of course) as treats. The Pekin (white) and the Cayuga (black) ducks will eat out of your hand! The Indian Runner lays blue eggs 75% of the time and is sort of the confident leader, the Cayuga lays a dark black egg then mostly gray eggs and is very sweet, also molting right now. The lighter brown duck is a Golden 300 who lays a LOT of eggs, and the blue/gray one is a Swedish Blue duck who has a funny quack. The white girl has a funny walk but is a total sweetheart. All of them need at least a kiddie pool that gets changed regularly, if ducks don’t have the ability to bathe they get sick. They also need the company of at least 1 other duck, otherwise, it makes them super nervous.” Click to read more…

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