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Idaho Humane Society warning of scams targeting owners who have lost pets

BOISE, Idaho — A scam targeted at pet owners who have lost pets is hitting the Treasure Valley, according to the Idaho Humane Society (IHS). The organization said that the scammers are pretending to be animal control officers and then they ask for payments over the phone.

IHS stated that the scammers say they have found the lost pet and then ask for a processing fee to get the pet back. Further, that somehow the scammers have been able to make it look like they are calling from IHS. The organization wanted to remind people that they would never ask for money in cases of lost pets.

“This scam is a cruel attempt to deceive innocent victims and extort money from them. The Idaho Humane Society never requests payment over the phone for lost pets. Our primary concern is the welfare of animals and ensuring that lost pets are reunited with their rightful guardians as quickly as possible,” a news release stated. Read more…

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