Holiday Gift Catalog

This holiday season, a perfect gift for a friend, family member, or co-worker is a lifesaving donation to the Idaho Humane Society memorialized with a card that you can give.

It’s easy! Just follow these three steps to donate to Idaho Humane Society and download a personalized card recognizing your gift to the animals on behalf of the recipient. Makes a great stocking stuffer or hang it on the tree!

It’s easy… just follow these three steps!

Give the Gift of Shelter:

The Idaho Humane Society saves more pets each year than any other animal shelter or rescue in Idaho. We are working towards a truly humane future in which no savable pet is ever euthanized.

Give the Gift of Belonging:
$25Dog and Cat Winter2

The Idaho Humane Society helps more than 20,000 animals annually. Adoptions are vital to our lifesaving mission. 

Give the Gift of Urgent Care:

Our Veterinary Medical Center provides emergency medical treatment for stray pets hit by cars or suffering from other medical crises, including those with severe injuries such as broken bones and internal injuries.


Give the Gift of Wellness:
Dog Wellness

At our Veterinary Medical Center, shelter animals receive the same medical care that they would receive as if they were owned. Each year organization provides over $1 million in discounted and free medical services to shelter pets and the pets of low-income families and over 9,000 spay/neuter surgeries.

Give the Gift of a Happy Home:

The Idaho Humane Society has the largest network of volunteer foster caregivers in Idaho. Each year over 1,200 animals, including special needs pets such as un-weaned kittens, pets recovering from injuries and illnesses, and those that require behavioral care, are all saved by these dedicated caregivers.

Give the Gift of a Fresh Start:
$200Dog and Cat Winter

Because of our high adoption rates and ability to provide care to special needs pets, this year we will accept nearly 2,000 animals into our shelter from smaller rescue groups and overcrowded, under-resourced animal shelters throughout Idaho and elsewhere in the U.S. where they would otherwise be at risk of euthanasia.