On Friday, November 13, Governor Little issued the State of Idaho to roll back to Stage 2. The Idaho Humane Society remains open for business and is persevering through this challenging time. Our leadership is keeping a watchful eye on COVID-19 updates and continues to develop contingency plans to ensure that we can continue to help the most disadvantaged in our community while protecting our employees.

Our ability to provide care for the most vulnerable population is dependent on your continued support; we need you now more than ever as we hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Rest assured we are here to help if needed; you can learn more at 

We are taking the temperatures of all individuals who visit our facility. Please bring a mask and limit family members in attendance; we ask that only serious adopters visit at this time.


The Medical Veterinary Center remains open for service including owners with sick animals and critical care. To keep our staff and clients safe, we have moved to curbside service.


 Stray Cat Intake: We are requesting that no healthy stray cats be turned over to our shelter at this time and that such cats are left in place. The vast majority of stray cats are in fact free-roaming cats with owners or feral cats that are adapted to life outdoors.

Animal Care and Control: Our Animal Welfare Services continues to respond to all calls. Only stray dogs will be picked up at this time, cats will be picked up if injured or pregnant.


We have implemented a new hybrid adoption process for this phase of the State’s reopening.

  • Tuesday-Wednesday: Adoptions available via appointment only (we are closed Monday). You can book an appointment to meet adoptable animals on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Thursday-Sunday: Potential adopters will be able to stop by and meet available animals on a first-come, first-serve basis.



 We have closed the following programs as a precaution to limit people from entering our shelter.

  • Youth Programs
  • Volunteers: a limited number of experienced volunteers are allowed at this time


We are currently accepting donations of pet food and treats. Canned and dry pet food is essential to our foster program and food insecurity programs: Meals on Wheels and Pet Food Pantry. We have a comprehensive Amazon wish list for both cats and dogs on our website so you can donate from the comfort of your home!


We recommend that you have additional pet food and supplies on hand should you need to stay inside your home for an unknown period of time or encounter restocking delays. Please visit our emergency guide for additional information.


We encourage the public to check in with members of your community that may be living alone with pets or those that are in a vulnerable position due to the virus. If you have room in your home, consider offering emergency housing to those that may need to separate from their pet due to hospitalization.

We are continuing to provide live outcome options for the pets we shelter including appointment-based adoptions, return to field operations for cats, and we continue to place pets into foster homes. So far, our Treasure Valley community has responded selflessly to counter the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on companion animal welfare. Adoption and foster rates have exceeded the number of intakes to our facility and we have continued to save over 90 percent of the dogs and cats sheltered.


Idaho Humane Society intends to stay the course: practicing social distancing to keep our staff healthy and severely limiting the number of people allowed into our Dorman Street and Bird Street facilities to comply with Stage 2.

All non-essential personnel will be working from home. We have separated staff at Dorman Street and Bird Street locations, as well as our field enforcement team, to lessen the risks of any potential exposure of one team impacting the other.

Our staff has protocols to allow owners to retrieve lost pets or obtain care for their sick or injured pets. All found pets are currently posted on our website. We ask the public to first consult the website before coming to our facility. If the pet is not on the website, we do not have the pet in our custody.

Staff are practicing mandatory social distancing of staying 6 ft. from every person throughout the day along with observing frequent handwashing, proper sanitation of all work areas, and reductions in numbers of staff members working in areas together.

We continue to work to ensure appropriate levels of inventory including cleaning and veterinary supplies, medications, and vaccines. We have and will continue to stock up on our food and supply donations to ensure our shelter population is provided for, as well as to provide for our meals on wheels pet food deliveries to homebound seniors and the disabled.

Our priority continues to be the safety and well-being of our team members and our community. Essential animal care must carry on, but some functions will be performed in new and different ways including teleconferencing and online communications. Communication is essential and each day brings new circumstances that we must navigate as best we can – in some cases with little or no precedent to guide us.

We are incredibly grateful and gratified (but not surprised) by the outpouring of support from our community – manifested in many ways from owners willing to forego relinquishment of owned pets at this time; the willingness to adopt or foster; and donations of money and supplies to our facilities. While we don’t know exactly what lies ahead in the days to come, we will continue to do our best to continue to fulfill our mission to protect our community’s companion animals.


Jeff Rosenthal, DVM

Chief Executive Officer


A Letter from the CEO of the Idaho Humane Society – March 26, 2020

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