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Buyers say Meridian Puppy Shack sold dogs with parvo, but store owner says otherwise

Less than two weeks after a Meridian pet store opened its doors, two customers say puppies they bought there had parvovirus, prompting outcry on social media and raising questions about the business…

On Tuesday, the Idaho Humane Society said it has opened an investigation into Surf’s Up.

“The Idaho Humane Society has received several reports of puppies suffering from (parvo) originating from this Surf’s Up Puppy Shack,” IHS spokeswoman Kristine Schellhaas said in an email. “IHS Animal Care and Control met with the owners on Tuesday who are cooperating in our ongoing investigation.”

Schellhaas encouraged potential pet owners to be cautious and do research prior to purchasing any dog or pet.

“Owners looking to purchase a puppy should work with responsible breeders and conduct an interview,” she said in the email. “Ask questions about where the puppy was bred, visit the breeding facility (don’t rely on photos!), ask to meet the puppy’s parents, ask to see the bloodline paperwork while also including medical history of not only the puppy, but the parents and grandparents as well. It is highly recommended that you ask for references as well.”

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