We're moving! Which shelter should you visit?

We’re packing up the pooches and carting up the cats;
we’re ready to lay out the welcome mat!

After several years of fundraising, design, construction, and anticipation, the Idaho Humane Society is thrilled to announce the official opening of our S. Bird campus.

Located off Overland and Maple Grove, the new complex is home to our Adoption, Education, and Veterinary Medical Centers. A sophisticated building years in the making, it will house shelter animals in a gentler environment complete with state-of-the-art HVAC, noise control, and ambient natural lighting. The dogs will be able to take advantage of more frequent playgroups with both indoor and outdoor play yards and our feline friends will have catios for copious amounts of cat naps and connecting with each other and potential adopters.

Our Veterinary Medical Center is getting a much needed new hospital that has doubled in size to help the increasing demand of low-income families. Those individuals using public transportation will have an easier time accessing our facility with two bus stops a few hundred meters from our front door.

S. Bird Adoption Center Opening: Tuesday, November 19th (offering all IHS adoptions)

S. Bird Veterinary Medical Center: Monday, November 18th (offering all IHS veterinary care)