Commemorative tiles

-SOLD OUT-  Please note we will have more options coming soon!

Building a brighter future for Idaho’s homeless animals, tile by tile…

Imprinted with a beloved pet’s color photo and name, commemorative tiles will be permanently and prominently installed on the interior walls of our new Adoption and Humane Education Center.  They will serve as an everlasting tribute to the love and bond between animals and their families.  Thousands of visitors each year will see these furry faces decorating our shelter and many will visit their own personal tile again and again to remember their special pet.

  • 8 x 8 Portrait Wall Tile: $1,000 (monthly payments available)
  • 4.25 x 4.25 Portrait Wall Tile: $500 (monthly payments available)

When you participate in Idaho Humane Society’s Commemorative Tile Fundraiser, your generous donation will help us complete the new Adoption and Humane Education Center along with our Veterinary Medical Center.  Your love of the animals and your help in building a future for the least fortunate of them, will be written on our walls, and in our hearts, NOW and FUR-EVER!