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Vote for IHS in the Target Circle giving program

To our friends and supporters,

We are honored and excited to announce that we have been chosen to participate in a special charitable giving campaign, sponsored and funded by Target. And you have the chance to help direct a portion of Target’s donation to us!

Now through December 31st, vote for us through the Target Circle program to help determine how Target’s donation will be divvied up. Find out more about Target Circle online. We’re asking our supporters to help us make the most of this incredible opportunity. Every vote counts to help us receive a portion of the available Target funds as we continue our mission to help animals.

Don’t forget, as you earn more votes, you can keep voting multiple times during the campaign! Thank you for your support, and we encourage you to share your support for us (and your thanks to Target) on social media throughout the duration of the voting!

To enable voting, Guests must enroll in Target Circle. Guests earn one vote every time they make a purchase at Target, online and in-store. In store, a Target Guest may scan her/his Wallet barcode in the Target App at the time of purchase, or scan the barcode on her/his receipt with the Target App within seven (7) days of purchase.

To earn a vote on a or Target App purchase, a Target guest must have joined Target Circle and be signed into her/his account when she/he places her/his order. Some purchases are not eligible to accrue votes. See terms and conditions for ineligible purchases.

Need some help with how to get connected and vote for the Idaho Humane Society? Here are some computer screenshots to follow along with. (Please note, the Target app version is below).


Step 1. Visit and log into your account.

Step 2. Click on the Circle logo

Step 3. Click on “View Current Nonprofits”

Step 4. Click the + sign to give maximum votes

Step 5. Click on the red button to cast your votes.



Step 1. Log into your Target app

Step 2. Click on the Circle logo and check for votes


Step 3. Click on “Vote for Nonprofits”

Step 4. Click the + sign to give maximum votes (step 1)

Step 5. Click on the red button to cast your votes (step 2)


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