Snuggle Express

Looking to bring cuddly animals to your next workplace event? Cue the Snuggle Express!

While mobile adoptions may not make the most sense for your event, we can bring a mix of cuddly kittens, precious puppies, and delightful dogs for your next special event. Proceeds from this service benefit our shelter and homeless animals and are priced based on business size:

  • Less than 25 employees: $250
  • 25-75 employees: $350
  • Over 76 employees: $500

Snuggle Express sessions typically last between 45 minutes to an hour. The great majority of Snuggle Expresses will require a safe, clean, indoor space as we can’t allow puppies to walk outdoors on the ground in order to safeguard them against viruses and germs, however we may be able to make exceptions depending on the venue and setup. We may not always have puppies or kittens available but will do our absolute best to include them when possible… regardless of what we bring, know that they will be absolutely adorable and people will love interacting with them. Please note that no adoptions can take place at these events, however, supporters may come down to the shelter to adopt.

We do need advance notice on Snuggle Expresses, preferably 3-4 weeks so we can schedule our staff and volunteers alongside other events.

If you’re interested in booking a Snuggle Express, please fill out the following form or email Kristy Sternes:

Fill out my online form.