I Found a Stray Pet

Taking the stray animal to a shelter

If you found the animal in Ada County – including in Boise, Garden City, Eagle, Kuna or Meridian city limits – please bring it to the Idaho Humane Society. We have animal control contracts with these areas and can accept any strays that came from those jurisdictions. If you found the stray in another city, you will need to contact that county’s animal control municipality or shelter for your area:

  • West Valley Humane Society
    Phone: 208-455-5920 or 208-455-5925
    Address: 5801 Gray Lane, Caldwell
    Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter (Valley County): 208-634-3647
  • Mountain Home Animal Shelter: 208-587-2111
  • City of Star Veterinary Clinic (which takes in stray dogs only, there are no services for cats): 208-286-0440
  • Conrad Strays (Cat rescue in Middleton): 208-585-9665

We hold stray dogs for 6 days while we attempt to locate an owner. On the seventh day, the dog becomes the property of the Idaho Humane Society. Because of the high volume of cats we receive, there is no holding period for cats. When a cat arrives with identification or a microchip, we will hold the cat for 3 days while we attempt to locate an owner.